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Radio Interviews with Dr Rob

You can listen to the following entertaining, insightful Radio Interviews conducted around the country with Dr. Rob Pennington.

NPR’s Lisa Davis on  It’ (Boston)


CBS Radio Saturday Night with Esme Murphy (Minneapolis) “Emotional Intelligence: Being Nice is More Successful Than Being Smart!”


Kacey on the Radio  Let the Light In! on WHUD-AM (New York).

KQ Morning Show on KQRS-FM (Minneapolis).


Everyday Wisdom For Families‘ Josh Peterson on Blog Talk Radio: “4 Steps to Transfer Responsibility to Your Children”  CLICK PLAY BUTTON TO HEAR AUDIO.

If you would like to interview Dr. Pennington on your program, please contact Stephen Haslam at 713-305-1812.


My Guest Posts On Other Blogs

Here are a few of the guest posts I have been invited to provide for other blogs:

Being Devoted: A Journey of Discovering The Upside In The Down Times on Ruth Hill’s describes my lessons and discoveries in caring for my wife, Clair, through her illness.  This guest post is lower down the page below a very heartfelt book review by Ruth for which I am very grateful.

How I Feel Is Up To Me! on Gail Lynne Goodwin’s  In addition, take a look at my replies to comments below this 500 word post on “what I would want my grandchildren to know”. There are lots of insights you might also enjoy.

“A Reason To Be Happy” on The Psychology of Well Being. “You think you’ve had a rough life?….There is a lot we can learn from Dr. Rob Pennington.”

“You Don’t Have To Know How To Believe You Can” on Tia Sparkles’ Your Life Your Way

“Use Your Worry To Create A Goal!” on Steve Nash’s Self Help Collective

“Practice Feeling Good – For No Reason!” on David Leonhardt’s The Happy Guy

“7 Q&A: #1 What was your inspiration behind writing this book?” on Eva Rykr’s blog

“24 Q&A!! #1 Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.” on Inspired Kathy’s I’m A Reader Not A Writer


The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

This is a short video clip of a segment of a series of character education programs I help develop with Dot Woodfin and Stephen Haslam at If the video is not showing on our browser then click on the post title above.


“I got fired. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.”-Steve Jobs

Although I begin the 4th chapter in my book with these same words, I learned this evening that Steve Jobs had the same experience a few years after mine. He speaks eloquently about it during his commencement address at Stanford University in 2005.

I hope you are as inspired as I am by the courage he had to live the life of his dreams, “as if today was my last”. Sadly, today was Steve’s last day.

His commitment to his vision has changed the way billions interact with each other and the world. His contagious enthusiasm will be missed.

Please take this link to hear his 14 minute address.


Turn Worry Into Its Positive Opposite Possibility – A Goal!

In the book, Find The Upside of the Down Times, I write about a time when I had a $36,000 hospital bill with no insurance and I couldn’t imagine how I would ever be able to pay it. This occurred right after I had been shot in the chest, so I was convalescing at home, not able to work. I’m self-employed, so if I’m not working I don’t generate income.

All I could see was a future of going deeper in debt and never being able to get out. This was not the goal I wanted to achieve. But I couldn’t imagine how to fix it and so I couldn’t stop worrying. Does this all sound a little familiar? I bet we’ve all felt this way at some time. Perhaps you might even feel this way right now!
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Video – Don’t Go to War Over a Preference!

My second wife threatened to divorce me.
It was one of the best things that ever happened to me
– but not for why you think!


In the 7th chapter of my book, Find the Upside of the Down Times, I talk about my relationship with my wife Clair who passed away a few years ago (that’s chapter 8!) Anyway, early in our relationship, Clair started to notice little things I did that made her uncomfortable. Well, they seemed like little things to me!

Here is one example. I would usually get up first in the morning to take a shower. I would turn on the water, push a button to get the water to flow up to the shower nozzle, let it run until it got hot, and hold my hand in the water until it was the right temperature. Then I would get in, take my shower, and turn the water off.
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6 Steps To Build A Positive Habit (Audio)

by Dr Rob Pennington

When I first began attending seminars and workshops for my own personal and professional growth, I would become so inspired to make a positive difference in my life. I just knew when I got home I would immediately put into practice all the powerful tools and techniques I was learning. At least that’s what I thought at the seminar

But then… about a month later… I would often find my self thinking, “What was that thing from that seminar I was going to do? It was so clear then, but now… I’m just not remembering,” and then I would just fall back into my old habits.

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Those annoying things that slow me down – Audio

I went to the Post Office the other day to ship some books. I had about 20 large, padded envelopes, each going to different locations. As each envelope was being weighed and stamped, I noticed how embarrassed I felt about making all those other people in line wait for so long. Yes, I was that guy who makes everyone else wait in line!

One guy shifted back and forth repeatedly, looking at his watch as if that would make the line move faster. From the glare on one woman’s face I could almost see her blood pressure rising. But one man smiled at me and just stood there looking calm and collected. He certainly made me feel better.

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Ride Out The Down Times…In 5 Steps.

Everyone has down times. Things don’t always go the way we want. Promising opportunities fizzle and die. Things change. That’s life, “sometimes you’re high in April, shot down in May.”, as Frank Sinatra sang.

Everything also has seasons. What goes up must come down; that’s gravity. What is expanding will eventually contract, and what is contracting will eventually expand; that’s physics. (Lazy Man’s Guide To Enlightenment, Thaddeus Golas). “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”; that’s the King James Bible (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

So, what is the trick to ride out the down, restricting, fizzling and dying phases of the cycle of life, so that we are poised to capitalize on the good times, when they return?

The first step is to accept that things won’t always be up. It’s just not natural, so don’t fight it. Will Rogers said, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” If circumstances are down, then feeling miserable about it will just keep digging the hole deeper.
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Book Reviews by Others

Both Internet Blog Reviews and Pre-Publish Reviews are listed here.

Internet Blog Reviews:

Ruth Hill • December, 2011 on My Devotional Thoughts “This book has to be the best self-help book I have ever read….  I honestly don’t know where to begin to sing its praises, and I doubt my review will do it justice.  But I will attempt to review this phenomenal, potentially life-changing book….” (to read full review click here.)

Rakubar • November, 2011 on MS World  ” This is a very good, practical and down to earth book to help you really learn how to have a positive attitude regardless of your circumstances. And it serves as a reminder that….”   (to read full review click here.)

Karen Bell • October, 2011 “… I rarely review books on my blog but something told me that this book was a winner… (to read full review click here.)

Lucile Zimmerman • October 2011 “Rob Pennington is the perfect person to write this book. He survived a firing, a shooting, an IRS audit, and the illness and death of his spouse. Rob learned that no matter how daunting the challenge, or how overwhelming the fear, there is always a step we can take that leads to a positive outcome…” (to read full review click here.)

 Michele Bodenhiemer • September, 2011 This is a Keeper! ….once I started reading this short, extremely informative, entertaining, thought provoking and concisely written book (125 pages) I just kept going until I finished it!  I will however be re reading this book slowly again and maybe even a third or fourth time! This is a keeper!   (to read full review click here.)

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