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Learn more about RI’s Training Programs

RI has many multi-day training programs designed to develop more Successful Work Relationships. The following are just a few.  Clicking on each one will open up one of RI’s program description pages and give you more detailed information about how this particular program could serve your needs for a dynamic program that produces immediate practical results – and is entertaining and insight-filled at the same time.  Although designed for a multi-day experience, any of the content contained in these programs could be delivered as part of a conference breakout or keynote.  For more information, please call 713-305-1812.


Award Winning Book: Find the Upside of the Down Times

“I was shot in the center of my chest by an unknown assailant.  It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

In Find the Upside of the Down Times Rob Pennington,PhD, shares his own very personal and honest account of some of the biggest challenges life can throw at anyone. He empowers readers with true stories, inspiring insights and practical tools to help turn their own negative experiences into positive opportunities.

Winner of two USA Best Books 2011 Finalist Awards for both: Best New Non-Fiction and Best Self-Help: General; and

One Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner: Self-Help

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