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About Resource International

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Resource International is a management consulting firm that specializes in assisting leaders in balancing authority and collaboration with their direct reports to reduce the resistance to change and conflict in order to produce more successful results. Whether working closely with blue collar workers, coaching managers and supervisors, or consulting with the board of directors, RI consultants identify sources of organizational and individual ineffectiveness which may be overlooked by the company or which the organization has not discovered how to address successfully. RI’s goal is to save the client both time and money while increasing productivity and satisfaction. RI References provide powerful video testimonials.

If you would like assistance finding something on our web site or learning more about how we can make a difference for you and/or your organization, please call Dr. Rob Pennington, an RI co-founder, at 713-305-5117.


NEW: First in a series of articles for Business Forms Management Association on Getting the Cooperation You Need To Succeed on “Why We Take Things Personally“.

  1. Web Based Training on five of RI’s unique principles relating Stress & Change
  2. Rob and Stephen were quoted in an article for the online newsletter, Business Empowered, on emotional intelligence entitled: “Critical Intelligence
  3. Article on “Understanding Emotions in the Workplace
  4. Article on “What Your Supervisor Wants
  5. Video Demo of Dr. Pennington available online.  Video is in Windows Media Player format and can be viewed free of charge at “It’s Not Personal!”.
  6. Article on “Best Practices” in Creating a Psychologically Healthy Workplace
  7. Web link on “The Longevity Game: Predict how long you will live!
  8. Download a brochure on “The Coping And Stress Profile.
    Additional brochures of other instruments are also available.

Partners in New Character Education Business:  Geode Educational Services!

Stephen and Rob are fortunate to have joined together with other very talented professionals to assist students whether involved in their school’s discipline process, probation through the courts, and after school program or leadership development. A series of 14 Internet accessed, character education based lessons introduce students to the models, tools and techniques which Resource International has developed and presented over the last 25 years to corporations, associations, government and educational agencies around the world. Middle School and High School students work through lessons that systematically provide methods for analyzing situations, reflecting on choices and consequences, and learning new skills that result in making better choices.

If you would like more information about these lessons and learn more about how Geode’s programs can be used to benefit the students in your community, especially those 15% of students who have not yet made up their minds as to whether they will be good or bad, then please visit our other website:

Thank you for your help and support for those students at risk.


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